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When I was a kid I’ve always dreamed of seeing snow for real. Of course I know how the snow looks like, I’ve seen it oftentimes in the movies 🙂 ! At young age, for me it’s like a big halo-halo (without ingredients inside) or maybe we could compare the ingredients as to the people skiing, bob sledding and snow surfing. I thought it could be exciting! Sorry my imagination is bad and uncreative 😦 ! And for me living in a tropical country snow will not be a part of everyday scenery. That’s very obvious since Philippines is tropical with just two seasons–hot and dry season. If ever, I would really wanted to make that dream possible I should go and work abroad. I thought of working abroad but I was just afraid to leave my family, friends and everything that are important to me, I disregard the plan.

To be honest, my first ever experienced of snow was at the age of 29, yes that old ! Honey and I went to Alps with French friends (couple). A 3 hours drive from Marseille. I don’t know how to ski but I know how to roller blade and to skate board a bit (when I say “a bit” it’s 40% of 100%). On my first day, we rented a ski set I tried skiing but I am afraid to have an injury again (my left knee got injured due to cross ligament) so that was a hindrance and unsuccessful. Second day, I was jealous of the people around me skiing and snowboarding but I am hard headed so I tried snow boarding and I was more confident and got positive results. I guess, if I take lesson I could improve a lot. Here are my some of my pictures 🙂 ! Thanks for my webguru KALA if it weren’t for her I couldn’t show you these pictures 🙂 !


So you see there are old photos of us ! In fact, I took these off from the album and scanned them….ssshhhh my hubby is very meticulous when it comes to albums ! I am glad to have done this first application and practising my first snow sports. I thought for a while that my first snow experience would be a failure…..I am afraid to miss these wonderful getaway. I am a passionate of sports and I don’t see myself stopping to do it or else I would fee sick about it !


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