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I had the chance to take this photos from the 20th floor of our friend’s flat. This is Marseilles during the day. I am not a professional photographer but I just would like to share what is like to be on top and see this beautiful cityscape. Well, I did not stay much as I have a vertigo 😦  !  If you can see farther,  Marseilles is surrounded by the sea and mountains. A lot o interesting f activities to do like  hiking, a simple ballade, surfing, canoe kayak, paragliding, roller skating, skate boarding, diving and many others.  I will share some more pictures of Marseilles soon. So when you want to visit Marseilles you won’t regret it as you have a lot of choices to have, surely you will enjoy 😉 !



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I’ve been living in Marseilles for almost 7 years now and been to beaches quite well. This is what I like in our place we are just near beautiful beaches and not to mention to have an easy access for ballades near Calanques. The beach Les Catalans which has fine sand and clean is great because it is near Vieux port but this spot is quite crowded and busy and is a private beach and you have to pay an entrance fee. It is accessible at the beginning of the Corniche Président Kennedy by taking bus# 83 once again. There are bars, outdoor showers, toilets, and a first aid post as well. I’ve always seen organised Beach Volleyball in this touristic place accessible from the city center .

This is in Luminy where we used to have a short stroll 20 minutes from home.

When you trace Catalans further you will find the famous Corniche and for sure will also consider spending time in La Plage du Prophète with fine sand and personally I think it’s more cleaner than the rest of the beaches in Marseilles. Frequented by most of musicians with their music instruments because of it’s tranquility. You could also find a bar, the sailing club and especially the Leisure Center for Youth, a club of activities operated by the National Police. To continue farther around 2 kilometers there you would find the Prado Beach with the statue of David. Accessed by bus# 19 or 83. Pebbly beach more or less crowded especially during summer season. The beach is not bad but I would not advise you to go swimming. Has outdoor showers, toilets and a first aid post. But if you really insist in going to this beach you can but I would suggest you to go early in the morning because for sure there will be few people and the beach is cleaner. Otherwise, I think a little stroll or picnicking around the environ will be more practical. The next beach around this environ is Plage de la Pointe Rouge, a sandy beach located at Avenue de la Pointe Rouge is where you’ll find all the Marseillais during summer like most in winter, great atmosphere and there’s even an English Pub, The Red Lion. Only one bus passes in that destination so if you have the car good luck be very patient with the traffic. Walking distance from restaurants galore, outdoor showers and a first aid post. There are stores that rent parasols and mattresses and all other aquatic equipments. This is a well explored place by windsurfers, as soon as there’s a breeze so be cautious, no swimming off into the sunset especially when there is Mistral (a fresh or cold, often violent, and usually dry wind blowing throughout the year but is most frequent in winter and spring) which is unfortunately common in Marseilles.

Image from Wikipedia.

Point Rouge Beach Image from Environment Surfrider

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This is a post which I kept for a month as I was busy for many things. This picture is taken when Port Authority of Marseilles organized the “Nettoyage de la Plage Gracieuse”. (Cleaning of the beach Gracious). This is a 4 to 5 kilometers beach owned by the company.

The goal of this event is of raising awareness “Partageons L’Eco Attitude” (Let’s share the Eco-Attitude) of WFP staff of PAM, their families and all those associations and communities contributed in joining citizen involvement and the sustainable development approach.

This took place last 1st of June 2008 from 8:30 in the morning to 7:00 in

the evening around Port-Saint-Louis du Rhone on the beach adjacent to the Gracious Beach Napoleon.

The program is as follows:

  • Welcoming participants with free t-shirt, cap and leather gloves and cleaning the beach during the morning
  • Meals in community served with appetizers with champagne, wines and fruit juices, Paella for lunch and French pastries as dessert.
  • Afternoon activities for adults and children, games and educational activities provided by WFP, associations and partners.

Employee charged of Garbage collecting

These were what we’ve got !

Mayumi’s fun coloring

Sébastien’s almost done


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Vélib na Bilib


# After Lyon, Paris or Besançon, Marseille indulges to two wheels: 750 bikes across 80 stations can now be self-rented.

# The first half-time is free. Per hour costs 50 cents to one euro, according to the subscription formulas.

We call this “velib” short for velo libre ( bicycle for rent). I found this practical for those who works in the center of Marseille where parking is difficult and expensive. You can rent it from any of the terminal and can return it from the ternminal nearest to your destination or arriving point. Now we could make the city of Marseille clean and fresher 😀 !

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  summer / autumn

Parc Borely : I took this photo from one of the largest public park of Marseille with 40 hectares. It consists of a landscape garden, a rose garden, a botanical garden, a castle (built in the 18th century) , children’s playground, biking and roller blading trail, golf course and a lot more to discover. The vicinity is close to the Avenue du Prado wherein you could find the mediterranean beach of Marseille and the replica of David are only a few hundred meters away from this park. Enjoy your virtual visit.

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