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I know, we are very slow to update this site, sorry ! Schedules are really hectic as our children are both going to school. My time is devoted from picking them up from school, prepare and have lunch with them. Then bringing Basti back to school and Mimi stays with me the whole afternoon, then at the end of the day should go to school again to pick up Basti. Between time, need to do errands and chores. Well, my life has changed since then ! I have a little time for myself, to have a moment of serenity and solitude. But I miss them during the day as I was used to have them around the house playing, laughing and fighting 🙂 Normal children stuffs, kulitan ! While hubby is preoccupied with his job especially there would be a lot of changes in his functions. So much about my present life as a SAHM . I am here to talk about something else : ) ! Of course, I owe you all !

Back home when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend we went to Batangas at Eagle’s Point to dive one of the beautiful spots in the Philippines near outside Manila. We were with a Canadian friend Yvone (one of our client in Crown) and an Australian friend Christopher. Of course, I shared a room with Y and my husband shared a room with C ! Dalagang Pilipina ata to , nyehehehe !

They did 2 dives, one in the morning and in the afternoon. I myself don’t dive but I went with them in the boat on their morning dive. Boy, the waves made me sick again. While they were really happy of their dives because they’ve seen a lot of beautiful fishes and corals. When we went back to the resort, they were all tired and contented. As for me, I’ll spare you the details what had happened next !

We have talked about their dives while lunch was served. Being a Filipina, being thoughtful is one of our good guality. I was trying to serve honey but he refused to be served! He kept telling me that he’s going to be okey, that he can serve himself (while throwing a secret glance to our friends). But I insisted ! Akwardly telling me that it was his first time that a woman thinks of him first before anything, french women are completely the opposite (according to his experience) ! On the other hand, he was explaining that he would not like that our friends think that he can’t serve on his own. I told him don’t you worry, it is normal for us Filipina. He was looking at me surprised !

Afternoon dive, I just stayed at the resort and took a rest co’z I was not really feeling well ! I feel really sorry for myself. My seasick or transportation sickness really hinders me to appreciate the nature. Instead of enjoying our weekend vacation out from the noisy city of Manila, I felt restless. They got back to the resort exhausted, while I regained all my energy. We had dinner, talked about their afternoon dive and went to bed.

The next day, since it was Sunday they just asked for a night dive. The whole day was a rest day, we just went around the resort, had a swim, did a bit of snorkling, took a rest, had an afternoon nap, and discuss anything under the sun. Night dive came but they did not stay long enough because it was windy. The waves were a bit violent. The night dive went terrifying for Yvone. I was surprised that she went back that fast (accompanied by honey) to our room cyring and panicking. I started to pacify her, I embraced her. She started talking of her nightmare what happened on their night dive. She told me that she’s aqua-phobia (fear of water). I was then surprised ! I asked her, if you are afraid of water why did you went diving ? And why dive at night? Especially for someone who suffers from aqua-phobia ?

She said looking straight to my eyes trembling “To overcome my phobia, it is the only way to stop them !” I looked at her with admiration. She told me everything what had happened. That night, I have learned an important lesson that we should not be afraid of failure. We should not waste energy in trying to cover up failures instead learn from them. We should not stop from there, go on to the next challenge. Failure is normal, but if we not fail we are not growing. If we stop from believing we will not overcome the fear!


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