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Off North

It’s true that we are lucky to have lived in the South of France.  Marseille weather is habitually warm throughout the season and snow is very rare.  Just this fall break we wanted a little change….go North !  Since we haven’t been to North of France for a long time we decided to visit husband family. It was a 10 hour drive quite tiring though it’s all worth going there. We stayed at our friends house in Méru, a nice little village in Picardy. The town has  13,249 inhabitants and has privileged access to both Paris region and northern France which is not bad.

méru village

Méru village overlooking from the forest

meru church

Méru church

My friend took us to the forest for a pleasant promenade.  It’s quite cold but we were lucky to have sun shone all the way to keep us warm and brightly shining.  We even had chestnut (châtaigne) picking.  We went home with basket full of chestnut.  Kids and parents have had so much fun. Imagine 6 kids and 4 adults in a house :d . It was all fun !


the sun of the south brought to the north (according to my friend)

chiara with a basket

the chestnut we harvested yummm !


It was a short stay so we haven’t had enough time to go out and discover the whole village but we were happy to explore a little of Méru. We will surely go back to visit and know more about her new home.  Sorry the quality of the photos are not so good as I’ve used my mobile though I have my numeric camera. The classic me…. when I try to use it,  I had a low battery sign 😦 !



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