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Sorry I have abandoned this blog as l lead an extremely busy life. As I look at my other blog I was thinking it’s unfortunate and sad not to update this blog. It was my own and husband’s idea to create this to share the beauty and wonder of both worlds.  It’s been 3 long years since my last post. We got a new addition to the family which is one good reason why I was not able to write a blog post.  A lot has changed we have moved to our new abode, a bigger one with a small garden wherein kids could play outdoor. Plus we needed to repair things at home, make it clean and all that stuffs you need to do when you move to another place.  We are embracing the busy-ness of  life !

Just to start taking care of this blog I want you to share the new addiction or shall I say discovery of the family. We are now into rock climbing. My husband’s colleagues who is a professional in this field introduced us to this awesome sports. I admit it’s quite terrifying up there. Climb up and down or crossing natural rock formations or artificial rock walls are tedious. When you look at it, it seems so easy but it”s NOT !!! But the goal to reach the summit is quite unexplainable. Here are some photos of us.  

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So now you see us, please hang on there. I will update this blog once in a while PROMISE 😀 !


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