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Coron Busuanga

A month of hiatus I know it’s unforgivable. Anyway, I and the family have been very occupied with all these outdoor activities as it’s almost summer time. Weather is getting better in the South of France. I would say, I have found the time to update this blog.

I’ll be tackling about the travel we have had in the virgin island of Palawan. At first, we wanted to go to El Nido but it’s quite expensive for us so we opted for Coron Busuanga . Final decision and we did not regret to have discovered Coron. I thank my sister who was nice enough to book everything for us. She found a great resort and affordable accommodation. I would suggest if you want to go to a calm resort you should try Kokosnuss Resort. There are also hotels but they are mostly located in the center so the noise is not surprising.


The resort


the air-conditioned room

It was lunch time when we arrived so as usual we have ordered in the resort. The cooking was excellent! Nothing to say. While I and hubby was talking about going out to look for a diving shop a man overheard us and did not hesitate to talk to us. Asking my husband if he is a diver and husband said yes. The man was ecstatically happy to know that husband is a diver because they were looking for another diver to go with him and his wife otherwise they cannot dive. Apparently, diving shop needs a minimum of 3 person. They have discussed the plan as they have already found the best dive shop in the place. Husband was also glad to have found company that shares the same interest.

Later that day we rented a tricycle to see the spring water called “Makinit” and is 5 km from Coron. The “Makinit Hot Springs” is accessible either by boat or by tricycle in just 20 minutes with rough roads. The tricycle rent is P35.00/person which is nothing. There is caretaker asking for a small entrance fee of P30.00 which is not expensive at all. This is to maintain the cleanliness of the place. The “Makinit Hot Spring” is excellent to unwind at the end of a long travel or simply enjoy a “hot soak” and relaxing moments.


Makinit Hot Spring

Back to resort and had dinner. At the end of the day the hot spring has helped us to get enough rest and sleep. The next day, it was husband’s turn to dive. Without further adieu I will just share some GREAT pictures with you courtesy of the couple we have met. I am not diving so I cannot exactly tell you the feeling and sensation down there 😀 !


Husband did 2 dives with them and they were really impress how beautiful Palawan is. They also went to dive in Barracuda Lake is a crater of the volcano. The water is soft and at the same time salty.  The  water temperature quickly changes  from about 27°C  to 38°C. So you don’t need to dive with your thick diving suit, a t-shirt and swimming short will do.


Barracuda Lake

Whilst me and the kids stayed at the resort to get some rest. They found a very nice playmate who is the owner’s daughter.

The next escapade we did was exploring Cayangan Lake which is said to be the cleanest lake in Palawan. This place is also know as Blue Lagoon.   Snorkeling is just perfect for us to enjoy the crystal clear blue water.


Cayangan Lake

It was really amazing to see little creatures  just right under your  nose.  Kids enjoyed snorkeling a lot and I guess, it’s a sort of introducing them to their future diving lessons soon 😀 !  Will tell you more about the  travel for the moment enjoy reading !


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