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Famous White Beach

After the holidays I got so busy from many things. One thing that kept me so busy after our Philippine Travel were gift buying, Christmas decorations and organizing a New Year party between friends. Anyway, at least everything went well. So I am here updating our travel blog of our Philippine get away.

I am sure you are familiar with the famous Boracay Beach in the Philippines. I haven’t been there when I was still living in the Philippines as I hate riding in an airplane. But when I got married to my husband I am oblige to travel. Husband loves traveling and so I do. I just have this transportation sickness. Now, that I am used to taking any sort of transportation I guess in time my mind and body was able to adjust to motion sickness. And thanks to this magic medicine I am able to travel without causing me any problem.

How to get there / Time and Distance

From Manila to Caticlan is a one hour flight. From Caticlan to Boracay port boat ride of 30 minutes. Add another 10 minutes when you start going to the Boracay beach itself . There are buses, jeepneys and aircon L300. The prices are around PHP 120 or if you are on a tight budget maybe you can negotiate 😀 !

If you are not the tourist type “Short Description” one or two days are enough. I suggest you stay 2 nights to live the nightly party ambiance. It’s pretty noisy around.

What to do in Boracay :
1. On the beach and on off-shore platforms you find banana-rides, jet-ski, paragliding.
2. Diving with normal bottles and Nitrox.
3. Snorkeling
4. Exploring the caves in Crystal cove
5. Island hopping
6. Before sunset there are lots of local sailboats for rent that takes you for a sunset trip.
7. You could find the most cheapest to most expensive restaurants around the area.
8. Shopping
9. Bar and disco hopping
10. Or just simply admiring the beauty of Boracay

There are 3 stations in Boracay. Stations 1,2, and 3. And here are their differences :
Station 1: high end resorts, wider stretch of the beach, not that crowded, expensive hotels

Station 2: party central, overly crowded, expensive and affordable hotels

Station 3: low end resorts, crowded, cheapest hotels

I have heard a lot of people telling me that Boracay is really a nice beach to stay. White fine sand, crystal blue water, good restaurants and diving spots. From Manila we had a late flight as usual there was a technical problem according to the airport receptionist. Well, it’s okay I am used to it. Arriving Boracay since we had a tour package everything were arranged from transportation to hotel transfer and morning breakfast. Arriving Boracay it was a nightmare, why? Because there was a power failure during the rest of our stay. It’s because there was reparations to be made with all these electricity cables of the city. Although, there are generators they won’t work all day. There are only limited hours because they needed to charge the generators. I guess it’s really not our luck. It was already 1PM when we arrived Boracay so our hungry stomach were complaining. We had lunch and we found a Filipino restaurant. The food is good, very affordable and clean. After lunch we went to our room and rest a little bit. Check out interesting diving shops and good thing we found one just right beside our hotel room. When we saw the white fine beach, we were mesmerized it was really beautiful. No doubt about it. The only negative thing is that we saw some plastics and plastic cups floating from the beach. There was even broken bottles of beer. The people explained to me it’s because of the previous typhoon. I understand. I will show you some pictures I took during our stay. We did the island hopping for the whole day with very affordable price. Sad to say it was windy and there were big waves so I got sick and we didn’t continue anymore as the waves were really violent. I will spare you the details, I didn’t have the energy to continue and I was disgusting !!!


I don’t dive but my husband is and he’s really happy to discover a great diving shop. He did 2 dives. The normal bottle and the one using Nitrox. He went diving to Yapak with the dive master and according to him it was one of the most wonderful dives he ever made. I cannot tell you about what he saw underwater. The only thing I can remember him saying was there were strange variety fishes down there that he has never seen before. Blue, orange, yellow, round, thin, long name it you can witness them there. I guess, I need to learn how to dive to really understand the pleasure of diving and see those magnificent creatures. SO if you haven’t set foot you will miss the spectacular sunset!

P.S. Don’t forget to try the best milkshake at Jonah’s !


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