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Philippines pride

In my 28 years, my tongue is used to savour commercialize Kraft Eden Cheese of Kraft Cheez Whiz (pasteurised one) which is really the number one or the only one cheese in the Philippines. Am I forgetting something? Of course, there is also the soft white cheese or known as Kesong Puti which is originally made from Laguna Province made of fresh Carabao’s milk.

AREA OF ORIGIN: Sta Cruz, Laguna, San Miguel, Bulacan, Cebu and Samar Provinces

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Laguna, Bulacan Cebu and Samar provinces
ORIGIN AND HISTORY: This cheese derived from the Carabao’s milk (or cow’s milk)

Industrialized methods multiply from Sta Cruz, Laguna, San Miguel and Bulacan, Cebu and Samar provinces, where Carabao milk is also formed.

Now I am reminiscing my younger years when a vendor sells Kesong Puti my Mom used to tell us to have a taste of it but I am not really a fan of cheese neither a milk drinker! Now, I am far away from home I would like to taste this local cheese and not only French cheese!


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More to explore

One of the places I really love to explore again is Pay Basque located in the Southwest of France from the Region of Atlantic Pyrenees. Pay Basque is divided into 3 provinces; Labourd, Basse-Navarre and Soule. I’ve been there thrice specifically in St. Jean de Luz since the uncle of Honey is from there and a good friend of him. It’s nice to discover as it is near Spanish border which are a steps away.

San Sebastian – 30 kilometers

Pamplona 90 kilometers

Bilbao – 110 kilometers

I was fascinated the first time I discovered this city. We didn’t have kids yet so it was undemanding to just walk around. Honey toured me to see the neighbouring villages. The typical Pay Basques houses are multi-coloured, proud and eye catching. They speak French but they are also proud of their several dialects like Biscayan, Guipuzcoan, Labourdin, Zuberoan (also known as Souletin), Low Navarrese, and Batua (simplified Basque). Basque inhabitants are known as to be nationalist. This place is also called as the Land of Surfers. The waves are not that big compared to Hawaii, Australia and other places but it is enough to enjoy the surfing journey. You can also visit the magnificent beauty of Corniche. The Basque Corniche is the last huge natural part on the Basque coast of France. With its natural landscape and the cliffs are extravagant. The effects of valleys and ridges offer diverse sights of the Atlantic Ocean, sea cliff, agricultural vicinity and the mountains in the background. We had the chance to visit San Sebastien which is 30 minutes away from uncle’s house and we stayed there. It was odd because I felt I was home. I’ve seen familiar words like abogado, cocina etc and the people greeting each other Kumustas !

I still really need to discover this place again as it was always a really short visit. And time was really not enough because it was not really a traveller’s journey. We went there for big occasions like 50th Birthday Anniversary and wedding of Honey’s cousin. Most of the time was spent into partying, eating and family get away. I will include this place in our travel plan that’s for sure.

Check this site for more pictures.

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