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Besançon Region

Iphoto-099.jpg have a friend Sarah who’s also married to a French national who used to live here in the South of France but she was obliged to move in the East of France in Besançon in the village of Les Hôpitaux Vieux . Her husband found a good paying job near frontier Swiss and I am glad about it because he deserve to have one. It was really a tough choice for them to live there and leave South but good enough to have a greener pasture. She invited us to spend Christmas 2005. It was my first time to visit the city and it is a nice small city in the mountains. It was snowing when we went there and kids were mesmerized by the beauty of the nature. Though I haven’t seen a lot of people outside maybe because it’s very cold but I have the impression people are very warmth. My friend toured me to see the village which is 1,100 altitude meters high while our husbands looked after our kids.

This is a photo taken from her backyard probably 60 meters high of snow (until knee level). This year, she told me that it rarely snowed at her place. I wonder how it looks like ? I cannot imagine because the first time I went there the place was really white! This is also a part of their backyard. I don’t know sometimes I hate winter and sometimes I like it probably because I see winter in a different way (we are often sick) anyhow I think I should appreciate the nature….just the beauty of nature. Just wonderful !



They have the nearest ski station Métabief. It’s a small station but a lot of tourist too. The tariffs are affordable compared to other stations. We have enjoyed that little visit we have had. They are very generous people and I really hope to visit her once more, let’s say during summer. I would like to see the place how it would like during those period.


So if one day, you would like to visit this village, you should! I advise you to have a little tour and explore the villages in France. You could also visit the nearest cities like Pontarlier which is 18 km and 6 km from Switzerland


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