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Bohol Getaway

Philippines has 1,107 islands and Bohol is one of it’s beautiful sites. It is located in the Central Visayas Region. The place is accessible from the west of Cebu, from the northeast Island of Leyte and and to the South of Mindanao. You could just simply take a ferry boat to cross the island if you are to appreciate the sceneries. For those who are in a haste and with hectic itineraries you could also take the plane. They are known because of it’s famous attraction…the Chocolate Hills which consist of 1268 hills (not man made), though. See how nature works an artist of itself. According to Boholanos the chocolate hills change its colours during summer season. They became brown as a chocolate.


Left hand photo is the zoom-in shot. The right hand shot is taken from afar. You have the impression that they are very small but they are not. In reality they measure 30 to 50 meters high. Can you imagine that ! On the other hand,  there is another tourist spot and they are very well known little creatures I am speaking about Tarsier the smallest living monkey in the world but scientist claimed this isn’t a monkey. See the links for explanation. They are nourished with insects and they are active during the night and less energetic at day.


I took this picture and was impressed by the size of it. They’re very tiny creatures and very light. Don’t you find them cute 😀 ! In fact, we have some French friends who were with us. A longtime planned travel which became a reality. It’s my husband’s idea to promote Philippines. He even told me that not a lot of French know where Philippines is except for those who loves traveling. I remember there were French people asking me where I am from. I told them I am from the Philippines. Yes confusing eyes were focused on me asking where is it located ? Because if we speak about Asian countries it will be Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, India but Philippines never heard ! So enough about that.

Now we also went to Loboc River wherein you could witness the famous floating restaurant. But we didn’t bother to dine in their. We just rented a banca (bangka in Tagalog) to take a ride and appreciate the sceneries with a German Woman who was happy to share the rent with us.


Now here, look at my kids appreciating the boatride and the beautiful sceneries.


Our friends and frenchhoney went swimming and that was really fun. Would you believe that this is my first time to really see the beauty of my own country. I mean, there are a lot more to see and explore in the Philippines since the country is surrounded by islands. I have visited places but never this far. I am most familiar to Quezon, Laguna, Pampanga, Bataan, Batangas, Nueva Ecija and a bit of Cebu City. I am really happy to have discovered my land….the beauty hidden behind those thousands of Island.

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