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Happy New Year to all ! This site is somewhat neglected for awhile because of hectic schedule. Since husband is quite busy with his work if you will notice I am the only one updating this site and he wants to send his apology to everyone. Since I have my own site to update plus the kids site I didn’t have much time to consecrate an article and I owe you all. Are we forgiven ? Okay, since this site tackles more on travel will tell you about my first Corsica hiking experience.


Exploring the greatness of nature and all living things outdoor are probably one of the wonderful discovery of man on earth. Had the chance to cherished the beauty that lies in the mountainous rugged island of beauty. I am talking about the two lakes of Melo and Capitello. We were newly wed at that time so the trekking was easier. We just need to get dress, put on our hiking shoes, prepare lightly packed foods and basta ! At first the walking was uncomplicated and there is a refuge visible about 1000 to 1200 meters (not so sure) if you feel a bit tired and wanted to appreciate the view you but if you are a sportive type of person you could continue until the fist lake. Normally, for a fast walker you could reach the first lake Melo in about an hour it is about 1711 meters high. A bit of advices, a person should really be equipped with hiking shoes, a hat (during summer) backpack with snacks and a bottle of water…very important! Now when we reached the first lake I didn’t expect that it was that magical. The lake in the midst of this savage and rugged surface. We have stopped to appreciate the lake, was mesmerized by the view…it is indeed captivating! Get on with your swimsuit if you are not the type of person who easily gets cold you could also swim otherwise good luck ! The water is very glacial. I saw some hikers especially Germans who were courageously swimming in the lake as if it’s a lukewarm water. Seeing them made me tremble! We didn’t have our snacks yet co’z we started the hike early and followed our itineraries to take advantage of the time since there were few hikers when we went up.

We did not continue hiking up to the second lake thinking that Honey will climb with Mayumi in her back pack..not very pratical and could be dangerous. The lake Capitello is far more difficult, narrower, steeper and rocky. But when you reach at the top you will not regret it. You could compare it finding a treasure and it’s worth it. It is like a paradise. After having our little snacks while admiring its beauty to regain our energy. The lake Capitello measures 1930 meters high and a one and a half hour is reasonable for those fast walker. As for the German-French couple they’ve continue their hiking to Capitello since they are sportive and they hike very often.

This is the picture taken last summer when of 2007. We did the hiking with the Francofil and German-French couples. I was impressed how my son did the hike with us…very resistant little boy. Although we stopped many times because Capitello is quite steep so we just stopped on to the first lake. The hike will heat up and could be tiring at the end of the the journey. We’ve stopped at the first lake and had our pick nicking while admiring the beauty of natural views…an authentic portrait of true nature !

My children enjoyed playing in this freezing cold water ! They tried to dipped their feet and hands. I was afraid when they told me they would like to swim ! Can you imagine?







So this it is for the moment and next time will tell you more of our Philippine tour. Have a nice day !


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